How to upgrade Cloud Server

1. Login to your Readyspace Customer Portal 

2. Click the Services drop down menu at the left bar of the screen.

3. Select the appropriate subscription (Ex: Cloud Server SG, Cloud Server US, Cloud Server MY, Cloud Server HK).

4. Click on the Server that you want to upgrade under Product/Services.

5. Click on the More button located at the top right area of the screen.

6. Once you click it you will see a drop down list of options.

7. Select Modify Plan

8. You can upgrade server resource under Resource Upgrades section and click Continue.

9. or you can switch your plan under Change Plan section and click Continue.

10. On the next page you can select you prefered payment method and click Submit.

Important note:
*Servers Diskspace upgrade will not increase servers diskspace immediately. You need to Expand/Extend the diskspace after any diskspace upgrade.
*Please click here for extend diskspace guide.

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