How to create an FTP user in Plesk

Step 1- Login to your Plesk panel 

Step 2- Go to Websites & Domains and click FTP Access.

Step 3- Click Add FTP Account.

Step 4- Specify the following:

          o- FTP account name: what do you want the login to be? (Required field)

          o-Home Directory: this will be the highest directory they will have access to. By default, they have access to/for the Subscription. Do               note they will have access to everything below this point. (Required Field)

          o- Password and Confirm password: type in what the FTP password should be for this user. (Required Fields)

          o- Hard disk quota: the amount of disk space on the server that the FTP user can occupy.

          o- Read permission: to allow the FTP user to view the home directory contents and download files from it, select the Read permission              checkbox.

          o- Write permission: to allow the FTP user to create, view, rename and delete directories in the home directory, select the Write              permission checkbox.

Step 5-Then click on the OK button, and the new FTP user will be created.


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