News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20220829

Published: 29/08/2022

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Rate limit for logged-in client password change
[UserApi] Added: Method to list zones under specific DNS service

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Only a subset of accounts with metrics got updated with cron run daily
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice is locked if the client has a default contract
[SuperScaler] Fixed: It is not possible to order domains.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Ordering domains does not work properly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: The client can't change the account type.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Using contract accept link for unauthenticated clients redirect to the main page without explanation
[Cloud DNS] Fixed: An error occurs after entering DNS management
[SuperScaler] Billing: The "period" and "years" keywords are not translated to client language when generating renewal invoices for SSL services
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuild tries and fails to copy "vmgenid" from old VM
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Viewing metered report set to 1-day interval does not work.
[SSL Certificates] Fixed: DNS record is not added correctly for subdomain
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Importing messages using the OAuth method
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Client reply in email is not translated into client's language if reply contains sensitive data
[UserApi] Fixed: Unable to add SRV records to DNS services