News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20221024

Published: 24/10/2022

New Features
[CloudDNS] Added: ALIAS record support
[Cloud Server] Added: Client area validation for root password and hostname when adding new cloud server service.
[SSL Certificate] Added: Ability to set email address when generating CSR

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Issuing credit note on service cancellation does not add tax to invoice item
[SuperScaler] Fixed: In some cases, the cart prices for pro-rated products are not correct
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Bandwidth usage is not correct if there are excluded interfaces
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Metered billing tab shows for cloud services with regular billing
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuild fails if VM config was updated with "args" attribute in cloud server.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Server created from ISO does not start with correct boot order
[User API] Fixed: Navigation bar image does not display correctly