News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200312

Published: 12/03/2020

New Features
[Affiliates] New categories of online banner design available soon.
[Client Area] Added: DNS Templates button in zone details
[Client Area] Added: more information about searched services in search results
[Plesk License] New extensions added - Mail-log, Plesk Email Security, Wordpress Toolkit, Kernel Care.
[Phone System] Phone System cloud available now.
[Cloud Server] Changed to Mbps from MB/s unit for network.

Bugs Fixed / Changes
[SuperScaler] Default time zone changed to GMT +0800
[Billing] Fixed: Client credit is not updated until re-login.
[General] Fixed: Possible abuse of checkbox downgrades.
[UserAPI] Fixed: Missing parts in API documentation

Knowledge Base
How to activate external and internal user
How to create non admin users
How to activate admin user
Edit customer account details
Extend a disk on windows cloud server
Extend disk on linux cloud server
How to download my existing active ssl certificate

Price Adjustment
[Exchange Rate] All currencies adjusted.