News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200326

Published: 26/03/2020

New Features
[SpamExperts] MX2 activated in email filtering cluster.
[Plesk License] New extensions added - SEO Toolkit, SpeedKit
[Cloud Server] New Fortigate VM00 UTM added into OS list.
[Console] Added: New UI for contact selector when opening support ticket
[Console] Added: New telegram channel to receive latest release - Add channel : @readyspace

Bug Fix
[Console] Fixed: Transactions in invoice details shows wrong currency prefix/suffix if non-default currency used
[Console] Fixed: Tax breakdown is calculated incorrectly
[Console] Fixed: Wrong tax value is shown on some invoices.
[Console] Fixed: It is not possible to remove checkbox options when upgrading services.
[Console] Fixed: Credit cannot be applied to invoice or wrong amount is suggested when trying to apply it.
[Affiliate] Fixed: Affiliate integration banners are not showing up correctly.
[DNS Hosting] Fixed: Zone accounts assignments not always show in zone list
[Priority Support] Fixed: Tickets billed does not go into metered balance if ticket was opened by contact not main profile

Knowledge base Update
[Cloud Drive] How to create sharing folder?
[Cloud Drive] How to upload a document to Cloud Drive on either web or pc?
[Cloud Drive] How to delete an user?
[Cloud Server] What protocol to use for different types of VPN?
[Cloud Server] How to rebuild a Cloud Server?

[Exchange Rates] There will be exchange rate adjustments across currencies.

[Cloud Drive] A scheduled maintenance work over our network on Thursday the 9th of April 2020 between 2200 and 2359 (GMT +8).