News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200430

Published: 30/04/2020

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Missing translations for the Service Auto Renewal widget
[SuperScaler] Added: You can now define emails/domain list from which are allowed to submit a ticket on your behalf.
[SuperScaler] Changed: Improved search box view on mobile devices
[Cloud Server] Added: Option to enable\disable access to power management in client area.
[Cloud Server] Added: Option to enable\disable access to rebuild in client area.
[Cloud Server] New OS templates available.
[Cloud Server] New peering partner with Tencent at Singapore region.
[Cloud Phone System] Enhanced Web Client: We’ve updated the infrastructure that supports the 3CX Web Client to improve performance.
[Cloud Phone System] Beefed Up WebMeeting: Our WebMeeting infrastructure has been upgraded and we’ve increased capacity by 700% to support increased demand at this crucial time.
[Cloud Phone System] Video calling from the new App: Linked to Update 5 is the release of our new iOS application, which is expected next month. The new app now supports video calling and has the ability to automatically reconnect calls as you move between networks or get caught out with a poor connection. We’ve also upgraded to Apple’s new Push Infrastructure, which is essential to ensure you keep receiving call and message notifications.
[Cloud Drive] Updated to latest OS platform to enhance security and stability
[Community] New updated community forum for all to learn -
[Community] Business Listing for customers now available
[Community] New tutorial videos in ReadySpace Youtube Channel -

Bugs Fixed
[Affiliates] Fixed: "Integrity constraint violation Duplicate entry for key PRIMARY" sql error has been fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Issuing credit note for unpaid invoice does not update invoice status to Credited.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Prorate price for new orders does not include present day.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Tax line is not shown on invoice in some cases.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Dropdown that has no visible options causes error in cart.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Single domain lookup does not return domain name on failed search
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Client contact permissions are not working correctly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Sorting in customer console does not work on some nginx versions when SEO urls are enabled
[SuperScaler] Fixed: articles are displayed in the wrong language in knowledgeable.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Un-assign referrer from order returns error "affiliate not found"
[SuperScaler] Fixed: JS error in domain list
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Snapshots section does not show up for LXC containers.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: VM creation fails due to wrong disk discard setting.

Knowledge base Update

[SpamExperts] Price adjustments for subscriptions that are more than 1 month