News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200514

Published: 14/05/2020

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Automatic setting the client's time zone based on the country during registration.
[SuperScaler] Added: Shortcut to credit logs in Billing page
[Affiliate] New affiliate program now available with generous commissions.
[Affiliate] Updated T&C

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Task for data retention of canceled domain does not work for all domains
[SuperScaler] Fixed: service list does not contain translations
[SuperScaler] Fixed: It is possible to submit invalid ssh key.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Fields are not validated correctly when the "Add empty option" is selected
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Slider values sets to max without ability to change
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Upgrade page shows just one product
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Client contact created in admin area sometimes have more privileges than what it shows in ACL list
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Account moved to another client on older version is terminated when original client account is closed.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Ticket replies were not sent out if ticket does not belong to registered customer
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Recurring price is shown as negative amount when downgrading.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Upgrading free metered products results in 0.01 credit
[SuperScaler] Fixed: User api calls do not work correctly.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: When a ticket is created by an unregistered email, the ticket URL in email message always returns the value incorrectly.
[UserAPI] Fixed: Unable to submit upgrade orders for free products.
[Cloud Server] Windows Template issue fixed.
[Cloud Server] Windows Server with Sophos Server Protection template is being removed.
[Sophos] Sophos Server Protection is now a separate product to be subscribed separately.