News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200618

Published: 18/06/2020

New Features

[SuperScaler] Changed: Improved UI for ordering process that looks cleaner and easier.

[SuperScaler] Changed: Name changed for Office365 to Microsoft 365.

[SuperScaler] Updated: Invoice details for payment that is clearer.

[Cloud Infra] Added: Option to upload ISO from local computer.

[Cloud Infra] Added: Support for ZSTD backup compression type.

[Cloud Infra] Added: Server node to increase performance.

[WebSpace] Added: Plans added with optional backup feature.


Bugs Fixed

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Email Verification - Using activation link from email does not activate client account

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Email Notification - When an email is re-send, From and From Name always has a default value

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Values for vlan/private vlan is not stored in config leading to errors

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Knowledgebase - Article editing does not work correctly when data for the default language is not set

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Knowledgebase - List of articles in admin area does not display title in the default language

[SuperScaler] Fixed: Ticket URL has a wrong value in email when a ticket has been created for a non-registered client

[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Bandwidth period is not updated to follow account dates.

[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Bandwidth synchronization does not use external app.

[Domain Name] Fixed: .bg lookups does not work due to changed whois test string