News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20201015

Published: 15/10/2020

New Features
[Domain Names] Changed: Domains with special characters are converted to IDN format
[Network] : Added with RPKI for enhanced security

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice date changes when the final invoice is issued after generation
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Second currency on the invoice is shown in the same amounts as main if the conversion rate is not set to be shown in notes
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Account text area fields do not display whitespaces correctly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Searching for numeric values on accounts with searchable custom forms does not work
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Domain lookups returns internal_error[General]
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Updated method of rate-limiting unsuccessful password reminder from the client portal
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Network option shows additional lists as "NaN"
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Trying to download firewall logs blocks users session until the file is generated on the server.
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Unable to provision VM if "All Unmapped Lists" is the first network mapping