News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20201107

Published: 12/11/2020

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: ordered services in the menu are divided into categories -> sub-categories
[SuperScaler] Added: Auto-generate hostname for account after product order
[SuperScaler] Added: Support for Chinese Provinces
[SuperScaler] Added: Choose domain from the list or a domain added to cart when ordering WebSpace

Bugs Fixed
[API] Fixed: getPDFInvoices call does not work with invoices
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Hostname validation options were imposed on "Use own domain name" field even when hostname option was disabled in product
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Initial render of one-step orderpage does not load domain options of product
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Fields for registration when placing an order are not displayed correctly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: It is not possible to change period for multiple domains at the same time
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Password change in client portal does not work / return info/error
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Too high metric trigger value throws error in cron execution
[SSL Certificates] Fixed: DCV email cannot be resend for some modules