News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210105

Published: 05/01/2021

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Portal notification when there is a reply to a ticket
[SuperScaler] Added: Ability to upload file during support ticket submission
[SuperScaler] Added: Support for flavour billing in Billing Alerts plugin.
[UserAPI] Changed: addInvoiceItem API method now accepts the "type" parameter with invoice item type
[Domain Names] Added: Per-domain transfer, renew, register emails notifications are merged to one bulk notification
[Cloud Server] Added: Support setting of the from specific cd drives and network devices

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Navigation bar menu does not look good in RTL language direction
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Cancelled domains are not displayed in the Client Console in some cases
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Order page missing subtotal in the order summary
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Services are displayed incorrectly on the dashboard
[SuperScaler] Fixed: services menu does not display correctly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Billing cycle format is missing some variables for free and on-time billing cycles
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Hidden SSL products still show in cart.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Order pages showing the product with non-matching billing cycles shows some products as 0.00
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Products with one-time pricing may appear as 0.00 on some order pages
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Storing China phone number removes part of number during submit
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Background task showing failed status while running.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Fatal error when adding invalid ssh key in Client Console
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Filtering by tags also returns closed tickets
[SuperScaler] Fixed: If email is used in cc, main "to" email is not moved to cc list
[SuperScaler] Fixed: In some cases, it is not possible to save ACLs
[WebSpace] Fixed: DNS Tool: In some cases, synchronize task hangs in the queue
[DNS Hosting] Fixed: Zone editor: When a zone that has illegal characters is not coded, the zone details cannot be obtained
[UserAPI] Fixed: Product data does not show out_of_stock value
[UserAPI] Fixed: The "getClientStats" method does not return current statistics
[Domain Names] Fixed: Domains Order page looks bad in mobile devices
[Domain Names] Fixed: Single domain registration order page does not list domain periods
[Domain Names] Fixed: Expired domains are not displayed in the client area
[Domain Names] Fixed: Bulk notification for domains sends out wrongly
[Domain Names] Fixed: Cannot upgrade fields for domains
[Domain Names] Fixed: Navigation cant be opened on mobile when viewing domain order page.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: It is possible to exceed storage limit when using rebuild with templates that have bigger disks
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuild does not work on servers
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuilding to a template with different storage device type creates two partitions
[Affiliates] Fixed: Commission plan no longer loads on the account details page
[Google Authenticator] Fixed: Two-factor secret is not showing up correctly on /affiliates/signup page